All about Beverley Town

Article by Declan Martin.

There is much that can be said about Beverley, as is there much that can be seen. Just a small town on the outskirts of Hull, and a population of 30,000, it holds unique wonders, and holds a rich history, which is where we’ll start off.

Beverley Minster

The Beverley Minster in itself is a truly remarkable landmark. Completed in 1425, it took over two centuries to be built and is regarded as a gothic masterpiece by many. Another interesting fact about the Minster is it’s one of the largest parish churches in the UK, and because it took so long to build it displays three distinct phases of the gothic style from different times, further proving it’s unique style and elegance. Plenty of medieval carvings and misericords scattered around give it an authentic edge and and bring the whole thing together. As it is situated not far from the center of Beverley it’s certainly an attraction not to be missed, even if you are passing through.

Other Historical Buildings in Beverley

Although if you are visiting Beverley for some time it is worth visiting other churches and historical buildings as there is more to see, if that’s what takes your fancy. Other notable historic places include St. Mary’s Church, which was also under construction in the same time era as the Minster, and also boasts an array of beautiful architecture. Not forgetting the heart of Beverely of course as it holds many old buildings dating back hundreds of years, such as the Guildhall, which on the outside looks like a typical old building with large pillars, however on the inside has a Georgian theme and an immaculate style. Last but not least, I will include North Bar. The impressive brick built gatehouse dates back to the early 15th century and stands strongly to this day, allowing traffic to pass through, a stark reminder of how old architecture was built to last through the ages.

Beverley Races

As we move on to the more modern sights to be seen and places of interest, it is worth noting that, throughout the centuries many other historical events occured which lay path to some of the sights we see there today and how the town has developed. The Beverley racecourse is popular among locals and people from afar. When it was first established in 1767 it only held races every now and then and even closed more than once, but now it holds race days weekly and brings in the masses on popular race days. Ladies night always packs the town center and is a great excuse to dress up, have a few drinks, and gamble on the horses if you are feeling lucky.

Beverley Westwood

All about Beverley Westwood

Another place Beverley is quite prominent for is the Westwood. It is a large open park on the outer edge of the town which is undisturbed by the modern world, making it a quaint place to go for a long walk, particularly if you have a dog, or go for a picnic if the weather is nice. Two old mills also occupy the land and date back hundreds of years, the black mill stands alone in the field next to a couple of trees and the old union mill is right next to the golf course and Marne restaurant.

Beverley Town Centre

The town centre in Beverley is a mixture of historic and contemporary. Evidence of this can be easily seen in the different food and drink establishments. Pubs such as The White Horse in, commonly known as ‘Nellies’, go way back, this one in particular predates 1666. Gas lighting, old fireplaces and chandeliers give it a warm feel and real character. They also allow dogs, which is handy for people who want a drink in the company of their best bud, and have recently banned mobile phones in an effort to get people to stop staring at screens and talk to one another. Certainly a place I would recommend visiting. Of course there are others dotted around the whole town. Another old pub worth noting is The Sun Inn, which unlike Nellies, has lost most of its original features, but having been built around 1530, you’d imagine it would have needed restoring at some point. It is still popular today however, sitting just opposite the Minster and hosting live music every now and then as well. One last place well worth a mention and rich in history is the markets held in the town center. As you could have guessed, the markets date back centuries as well and draw in thousands every Saturday.

Even if you do not want to purchase anything it can be nice to have a stroll around and take in the friendly and vibrant atmosphere. It is a vital part of the local community, and has been for a while, drawing in traders from different cities and and the regulars who have been going for decades. All are catered for at this market with things on offer such as freshly baked goods, arts and crafts, clothing and food from around the globe. Don’t miss out if you have the chance.

Modern Beverley

Despite the presence of old architecture being a focal point for Beverley, there are many modern places to visit however, as I have mentioned. Flemingate is abundant, with large retailers as you’d expect with any centre but what stands out the most to me is the bars and restaurants. Neon lights glisten when dark begins to fall upon the town. The lights themselves are nothing special by any means, but the quaint and tidy hub has a certain warm and vibrant feeling that you do not get many places you go.

The Firepit (another bar/pub) gleams red and features some amazing grub. An ideal place if you like sports as well as they often have something on. The cinema is also situated nearby, and as you walk up the old streets you can find many other eye catching and high end places to eat or drink. All you can eat Brazilian, check, Spanish Tapas, check. You name it you can find it. Beverely is not just the town that time forgot, there is much to seen as there is much to be done. So the question now is, what are you waiting for?