Enjoy the outdoor space of Beverley Westwood, just a short walk from the town centre. Here you'll find a large expanse of pastureland - popular with locals and visitors alike - where you can walk, picnic, fly kites, play football, ride horses and partake in all manner of other leisure activities. In the summer months cows and sheep roam freely on the pastures and golfers from Beverley Golf Club play their game here too. If you're lucky you may also see model aircraft being flown by the Beverley And District Model Aircraft Club who fly from the Westwood.

Beverley Westwood
The views from Beverley Westwood are spectacular, taking in the town of Beverley, Beverley Racecourse, Beverley Minster and the local countryside. The Black Mill is a popular focal point on the Westwood. It is an old windmill tower dating back to the 1650's and is a popular meeting point for the local cows.

There is an infinite number of walking possibilities through the rolling pastures of the Westwood. There are woodlands to explore on either side of the Westwood, namely Bluebell Wood (which is nearest to Beverley Racecourse) and Burton Bushes (towards the town on York Road). Bluebell wood comes alive with bluebells (hence the name) in Spring and Burton Bushes has lots of rope swings for the younger and older 'kids' to play on.

Burton Bushes
You can walk to Beverley Westwood quite easily from the town centre. If you're in Saturday Market then face towards the bar. Take any of the streets to the left and you'll eventually come onto the Westwood. Visitors with cars can park on the Westwood free up to a maximum of 4 hours.