After a busy morning's shopping in Beverley's Toll Gavel, my eyes were drawn to a sign outside Rebels Smokehouse offering two course meals for £5.95. I had heard that the lunchtime specials here were really filling so I decided to step inside and try one out for myself. Upon entering the restaurant, I chose a quiet spot in the room on the right. With my back to the wall, I could watch the world go by outside in Butcher Row whilst I waited for the waiter to take my order.

After looking over the menu, I chose a Quesadilla with extra pulled pork in BBQ sauce with a chicken soup for starter and a cup of tea to wash it all down with. The pulled pork was an extra £2 but this seemed reasonable so I decided to go with it. When I had ordered, I couldn't help but notice that the walls were covered in 'memes' (proverbs or sayings) and I spent a while reading them and smiling inwardly at how appropriate some of them were.

My starter arrived and I found it curious that the soup was served in a cup. I had visions of 'Cup-a-Soups' from years gone by but when I tasted it, those visions drifted to the back of my mind as the flavour kicked in. It was creamy and contained large juice morsels of chicken - quite obviously home made and delicious too.

When the waiter brought the main course, I was amazed at the quantity and presentation of it. There were four large pieces of Quesadilla laid along the bottom of a tray sized plate with little pots of cheese, sour cream and a dip at the side. The Quesadilla also contained the extra barbeque pulled pork that I'd ordered which just melted in my mouth.

After wading through this very palatable meal, I relaxed and listened to the soft acoustic music that was piped in through the speakers at a very agreeable level. Apparently the food served here at Rebels Smokehouse is all sourced locally and the meat is smoked on the premises too. The owners here have done a fabulous job in bringing the taste of Alabama to the cobbled streets of Beverley. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and would definitely recommend it.