Whilst exploring the streets of Beverley, you'll probably notice paintings that are on display on exterior walls around the town. These paintings are part of the 'Painting the Town Fred and Mary' exhibition which features paintings from local artists Fred and Mary Elwell. There are 22 paintings in total, forming a trail around the town which is popular with visitors to Beverley.

The trail includes sites at Beverley Minster, the Treasure House and Saturday Market and an interactive map of the trail can be found below. The works of art are high quality replicas of 22 paintings by Beverlonians Fred and Mary Elwell and provide a wider audience for their work. The paintings can now be seen in the settings that provided the inspiration for them and can be viewed by everyone.

Interactive map

The interactive map below shows the locations of each painting on the trail along with brief details of each painting. Using the link provided, open the map up on your mobile device in Google Maps and follow the trail around town.