Beverley Westwood is only half a mile away from the town centre and offers 400 acres of idyllic countryside, complete with free-roaming cows. This walk starts and ends at Beverley Leisure Centre which offers paid parking facilities and is located on Flemingate, near to the shopping centre. Once you get onto the Westwood, you can do your own thing and then return back on the walk to the Leisure Centre.

From Beverley Leisure Complex turn left onto Flemingate and then left onto St. Andrew's Street. Walk on and bear right at the top of the street, exiting onto Long Lane via the chicane. Turn left onto Long Lane and, after a few metres, cross the road to follow the footpath along Woodmansey Mile.

Here, turn right at Springdale Way and then turn left onto Butt Lane. Carefully cross the busy road and walk along Butt Lane until you reach Queensgate. Cross the road and turn right. Follow the footpath onto Sloe Lane. Turn left along Cartwright Lane. Carefully cross the road, go through a kissing gate and follow the footpath along the Westwood.

At the next kissing gate turn right and follow the footpath next to the school onto Ellerker Road. Cross the road and continue along Champney Road. Turn left, use the zebra crossing, turn right and continue back along Champney Road. Turn right across the next zebra crossing and then turn right along Regent Street. Turn left along Minster Moorgate onto Eastgate. Follow the footpath to the right and use the zebra crossing to cross back onto Flemingate. Walk on until you reach the Leisure Complex.

Across the road from the Beverley Leisure Centre is the Flemingate Leisure Centre with its coffee shops and retail outlets if you want to indulge yourself after this bracing walk.