Beverley is famous for its traditional markets which take place on both a Saturday and a Wednesday, every week; in fact, a thriving market has existed in Beverley for centuries as it sold the produce from the local farmers. The two main squares at either end of the pedestrianised shopping streets of Butcher Row and Toll Gavel are named Saturday market and Wednesday market respectively, depicting the day on which the market runs.

Beverley’s Saturday market dates back to its charter in the Middle Ages and has a vibrant and friendly atmosphere which has encouraged a mix of traditional and modern stalls, selling food to household goods and everything in between. Saturday market occupies a large area in the town centre and has around 140 stalls. The square of Saturday market, on which the market resides, is surrounded by traditional stores, national chains, public houses and cafes, giving it a busy, bustling feel all week long. The properties around Saturday Market have a huge variety of roof top styles including Victorian and Georgian as well as several more modern styles. The Saturday market opens for business at 8:00am and runs through to 4:00pm.

The smaller of the two markets is Wednesday market which (confusingly) is also open on a Saturday. It is within easy walking distance of Saturday market and lies at the the heart of the Town Centre. As with Saturday market, Wednesday market also has its fair share of coffee shops and bars so you can relax here too.

Both markets are within easy reach of the bus and train stations and there is parking nearby too, so if you fancy the chance to buy fresh local produce, garden ornaments, flowers, handbags, clothes, speciality food and drink or any of the other myriad of things that are available here then why not pay the Beverley markets a visit?